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Pigeonnier de Bellevue
Alternate titles: La Tour des pigeons à Montbriand; Pigeon Tower at Mont Briand; Pigeon Tower at Montbriand; Pigeonnier à Bellevue; The Pigeon House at Montbriand; The Pigeon Tower
Rewald: (692) 1889–90; Venturi: (650) 1888–92; Venturi revised: 1890–94; Rivière: 1886; Ratcliffe: possibly first half of 1889
Oil on canvas
25 3/16 x 31 1/2 in. (64 x 80 cm)
Vollard A stockbook: no. 4127, Paysage à l'huile un pigeonnier genre tour, 65 x 81 cm (300 frs)
Vollard W stockbook: no. 4080, Le Pigeonnier; huile, 65 x 81 (75,000)


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decade: 1880–89 »
theme: Landscape »

Exhibition History

1926 Cleveland: The Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, Fifty Years of French Art
1926 Toronto: Art Gallery of Toronto, Ontario, Inaugural Exhibition, no. 128, The Pigeon House at Montbriand, lent by M/M R.M.C[oe].
1928d New York: Wildenstein Galleries, N.Y, Paul Cézanne, no. 15, La Tour des pigeons à Montbriand, lent by Coe.
1929 New York: The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y, The museum's first loan exhibition: Cézanne, Gauguin, Seurat, van Gogh, no. 23, ill. (dated c. 1894), The Pigeon Tower, lent by M/M Ralph Coe.
1934 Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago, Ill, A Century of Progress, no. 298, Pigeon Tower at Montbriand, lent by Coe.
1936 Cleveland: The Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition, no. 255, pl. 47.
1936 Toledo: Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, Cézanne and Gauguin, no. 28, ill, Pigeon Tower at Mont Briand, lent by Cleveland Museum.
1937 San Francisco: San Francisco Museum of Art, Calif, Paul Cézanne, no. 26, ill, lent by Cleveland Museum.
1940 Detroit: Detroit Institute of Arts, Mich, The Age of Impressionism, no. 3.
1942 Montreal: Montreal Art Association, Quebec, Masterpieces of Art, no. 68.
1945 Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, Mass, A Thousand Years of Landscape: East and West, no number, p. 3.
1946 Aix-en-Provence: Pavillon de Vendôme, no. 41, ill.
1947b New York: Wildenstein Galleries, N.Y, Cézanne, no. 44, ill, lent by Cleveland.
1948 Columbus: Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, Ohio, Springtime of Impressionism, no. 5, ill.
1953 Vancouver: Art Gallery, British Columbia, French Impressionists, no. 47, ill.
1956 Aix-en-Provence: Pavillon de Vendôme, Exposition pour commémorer le cinquantenaire de la mort de Cézanne, no. 41, ill, lent by Cleveland.
1976a Tokyo and traveling: National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, Masterpieces: East and West from American Collections, no. 46, ill.
1990 Edinburgh: National Gallery of Scotland, Cézanne and Poussin: The Classical Vision in Landscape, no. 46, ill.
1995–96 Paris and traveling: Grand Palais, Paris, Paul Cézanne: Une Rétrospective, no. 121, ill.
2005–06 Marseille and traveling: Musée des Beaux-Arts, Marseille, Right Under the Sun, Landscape in Provence: From Classicism to Modernism (1750–1920), no. 36, ill, p. 177, Pigeonnier de Bellevue.
2006 Washington, D.C. and traveling: National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C, Cézanne in Provence, no. 60, ill, shown in Washington only.

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Supplemental Images

The pigeon tower and house at Bellevue. John Rewald Archive, Department of Image Collections, National Gallery of Art Library, Washignton, D.C.
John Rewald, circa 1935; Sabine Rewald
P-A Renoir, Pigeonnier de Bellevue, c. 1888–89, 54 x 65 cm, Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia
Page citation: Feilchenfeldt, Walter, Jayne Warman, and David Nash. "Pigeonnier de Bellevue, 1889–90 (cat. no. 270)." The Paintings of Paul Cézanne: An Online Catalogue Raisonné. (accessed June 20, 2018).
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