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Jeune Italienne accoudée
c. 1900
Alternate titles: Frauenbildnis; La Femme accoudée; Portrait of a Girl (La Femme accoudée); Young Italian Woman at a Table
Rewald: (812) c.1900; Venturi: (701) c.1896; Venturi revised: c.1896; Rivière: 1896; Vollard: 1896; Gowing: c.1896 (Edinburgh); Reff: 1896–97 (MoMA)
Oil on canvas
36 3/16 x 28 11/16 in. (92 x 73 cm)
Vollard A stockbook: no. 4172, femme accoudée, 92 x 73 cm
Vollard W stockbook: no. 5563, femme accoudée, 92 x 73 cm (800,000 Fr)

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Exhibition History

1928a Paris: Galerie La Renaissance, Figures féminines d'Ingres à Picasso, no. 30.
1929 New York: The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y, The museum's first loan exhibition: Cézanne, Gauguin, Seurat, van Gogh, no. 8, ill, Portrait of a Girl (La Femme accoudée), lent by Bakwin.
1933b Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago, Ill, A Century of Progress, no. 314, ill. (dated c. 1888–90), lent by Bakwin.
1934 Philadelphia: Pennsylvania Museum of Art, Pa, Cézanne, no. 28 (dated c. 1888–90), La Femme accoudée, lent by Bakwin.
1936c Paris: Musée de l'Orangerie, Cézanne, no. 100, pl. VII, Jeune Italienne accoudée, lent by Bakwin.
1937 San Francisco: San Francisco Museum of Art, Calif, Paul Cézanne, no. 34, ill, lent by Bakwin.
1939h New York: Marie Harriman Gallery, N.Y, Cézanne: Centennial Exhibition, no. 18 (dated c.1896), Jeune Italienne accoudée, lent by Bakwin.
1940f New York: New York World's Fair, N.Y, Masterpieces of Art, no. 348, La Femme accoudée, lent by Dr./Mrs. Harry Bakwin.
1946e New York: The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y, Paintings from New York Private Collections, no number, p. 4.
1947b New York: Wildenstein Galleries, N.Y, Cézanne, no. 61, ill, lent by Bakwin.
1952 Chicago and traveling: The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Ill, Cézanne, no. 77, ill, lent by Bakwin.
1954 Edinburgh and traveling: Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Paintings by Cézanne, no. 56, pl. XII (dated c.1896), lent by Bakwin.
1954 Oslo: Kunstnerforbundet, Paul Cézanne, no. 24, ill.
1955b New York: The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y, Paintings from Private Collections, no number, lent by Bakwin.
1956 Aix-en-Provence: Pavillon de Vendôme, Exposition pour commémorer le cinquantenaire de la mort de Cézanne, no. 54, ill, lent by Bakwin.
1956 Munich: Haus der Kunst, Paul Cézanne, no. 57, ill, lent by Bakwin.
1956 The Hague: Gemeentemuseum, Paul Cézanne, no. 44, ill.
1956 Zürich: Kunsthaus, Paul Cézanne, no. 72, pl. 36.
1956–57 Cologne: Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Cézanne, Ausstellung zum Gedenken an sein 50. Todesjahr, no. 27, ill, lent by Bakwin.
1959 Atlanta: Atlanta Art Association Galleries, Ga, Collectors' Firsts, no. 33, ill.
1959 Washington, D.C.: National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C, Masterpieces of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Painting, no number.
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1961 Richmond: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Va, Treasures in America, no number, ill, p. 84.
1962a New York: Wildenstein Galleries, N.Y, Masters of Seven Centuries, no. 34, ill.
1963b New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, N.Y, Cézanne and Structure in Modern Painting
1965b New York: Wildenstein Galleries, N.Y, Olympia's Progeny, no. 74.
1967b New York: Wildenstein Galleries, N.Y, The Bakwin Collection, no. 7, ill.
1977–78 New York and traveling: The Museum of Modern Art, New York and Reunion des Musees Nationaux, Paris, Cézanne: The Late Work, no. 7, pl. 9.
1990 London: Tate Gallery, On Classic Ground: Picasso, Léger, de Chirico, and the New Classicism, 1910–30, no. 29, ill.

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Page citation: Feilchenfeldt, Walter, Jayne Warman, and David Nash. "Jeune Italienne accoudée, c. 1900 (cat. no. 534)." The Paintings of Paul Cézanne: An Online Catalogue Raisonné. (accessed November 20, 2018).
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