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Special thanks must be given to our colleagues in the Société Paul Cézanne for their invaluable contributions to the project, in particular, Philippe Cézanne, François Chédeville, Denis Coutagne, Pavel Machotka, and Alain Mothe. Other members of the Société Cézanne who graciously supported the project with their expertise include: Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, Isabelle Cahn, Bruno Ely, Michel Fraisset, Judit Geskó, Raymond Hurtu, Mary Tompkins Lewis, Takanori Nagai, Xavier Rey, Sabine Rewald, and Joseph Rishel.

Both the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., have been enormously helpful to the success of the project. We thank Judith Dolkart, Barbara Buckley and Katy Rawdon at the Barnes Foundation for granting access to their vast archive and providing images for the catalogue. The National Gallery’s Maygene Daniels, Jean Henry, Gregory Most and Ann Hoenigswald have given many hours of their time to us. We are very grateful to all of them.

Museum directors, curators, scholars, auction house colleagues and dealers have been very willing to offer their assistance whenever asked, among them:  William Acquavella, Dita Amory, Alexander Apsis, John Berggruen, Marc Blondeau, Rupert Burgess, Giulia Coccia,  Stephane Connery, Alexander Corcoran, Anna Corsy, Flavie Durand-Ruel, Bernard Echte, John Elderfield, Christina Feilchenfeldt, Hugh Gibson, Lucas Gloor, Elizabeth Gorayeb, Marco Grassi, Gloria Groom, Charlotte Hale, Maria Haworth-Corsy, Diana Howard, Ay-Whang Hsia, Conor Jordan, Teresa Krasny, Kathryn Kremnitzer, Koji Kudo, Elizabeth Kujawksi, Charles Moffett, David Norman, Clarissa Post, Theodore Reff, Elaine Rosenberg, Angela Rosengart, Greg Selch, George Shackelford, Yasuhide Shimbata, Guillermo Solana, Simon Stock, Andrew Strauss, Michel Strauss, Charles Stuckey, Lydia Tederick, Nicholas Thaw, Mark Tucker, Paul Tucker, Oliver Wick, and Barnaby Wright.

Our thanks are extended to the many private collectors who generously gave us access to their collections and archives.

We are very grateful to Lucy Mitchell-Innes and to the staff at Mitchell-Innes & Nash for their advice and tireless help during the course of our research. We also thank Jo Backer Laird and her colleagues at Patterson Belknap Webb and Tyler LLP for their legal counsel.

The online catalogue raisonné project could not have come about without the financial support of Mitchell-Innes & Nash and the International Music and Art Foundation.

Page citation: Feilchenfeldt, Walter, Jayne Warman, and David Nash. "Acknowledgements and Thanks." The Paintings of Paul Cézanne: An Online Catalogue Raisonné. (accessed December 13, 2018).